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Theme :

 ///  2017: SPORTS

Past years’ themes

////  2016: Food and culture around the world
       2015: Animals/////
    /  2014: Under the Sea
       2013: Fantasy
     2012: Mother Earth
    // 2011: Circus
      /2010: Space


As they go through the various in-class activities, we aim to establish a class where students take the initiative to state their own opinions, rather than doing repetitions of what the teacher says.  English conversation is fostered through the use of workbooks, flash cards, making of posters, presentations, games, role-playing and story-telling.  Regarding the English levels, please refer to the  “English Level” page of our website. 


In I.T. class, students learn the basics of computer usage, such as how to use the mouse or how to type using a keyboard, through various activities.  For example, we use “Paint.net” for students to learn to color and draw using the mouse.  We also provide students with dozens of theme-related computer games that the students can enjoy playing.  We try to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere in I.T. for the students to learn English.


In music, we try to have the children understand the meaning of the lyrics by mixing in actions while singing.  By doing so, students can also learn manners of expression.  We use a variety of methods in teaching the songs to the students so that they may be able to sing and dance the songs by themselves.  We aim to have students enjoy learning English through music, by singing and playing musical instruments.


In P.E., students are exposed to sports played in different countries, such as cricket, basketball, kick-base, and many other sports.  Many students enjoy P.E. and often are eager to participate.  In P.E. we encourage students to cooperate, work together, and cheer on their classmates in English.  We believe that playing sports can help to relieve any nervousness students may have in using English to express themselves.

In swimming, we aim for the same things as we do in P.E.  Classes for younger grades are conducted in the wading pool.  Classes for older grades are conducted in the main pool.  During swimming class, the swimming teacher, swimming assistant, class Student Staff, and swimming staff will support your children and ensure their safety.


In Art, students create various handcraft works and are encouraged to be creative and use their imagination in creating their works.  Students are introduced to new materials and projects every day.  Through creating crafts, students learn new English vocabulary and learn to understand instructions given in English.