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Enrollment to Saturday school

Saturday School is a full day, English immersion program for G1 to G6 students.
Please refer to our Saturday School Website for more information.




■ Grade and English level
・・・G1 - G6: Advanced Level Only

・・*K5 kids can not enter Saturday School from September.
・・i.e. If your child is not in 1st grade as of September, they
can not enter the program

・・*The acceptable level of English is different from that
of JFK. For further details regarding the level of English at
Saturday school, please check HERE.


■ Admission Process

● Tuesday 9th May 2017:Application
   Begin accepting applications for Just for Kids.


● July~August 2017 : Attending Just for Kids
   The English teacher will check the students’ English
    level during the program.


● The end of August 2017:Announcement of Results
    Results are posted via mail within 1 week after the end
    of the program (17th August).


● September 2017: Enrollment to Saturday School
    Beginning of the Fall term of Yr.2017-2018

To enter Saturday School after JFK
Students who participate in Just for Kids 2016 and meet the following four requirements will be admitted to Saturday School from the Fall Term without having to take the placement test.
 That “yes”, on the column of “desired to be admitted 
to Saturday School from fall term” has been checked upon applying for the Just for Kids program.
(*We will not accept any changes after the application form has been sent.)
That there is an opening in the class of the child’s grade.
. That their English level is approved by their Just for Kids English teacher during the program.
. That the child will review the materials that the rest of
・・ the class has already studied during the Spring Term.

*Admission using this system is acceptable only from the Fall Term.